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Our Story

DAC Vision’s story began with the strategic acquisitions of several companies that were leading manufacturers and distributors of lens processing supplies. Through these acquisitions, we've not only expanded our reach but also deepened our expertise and capabilities. 

We're proud of the milestones achieved through collaboration and strategic foresight. We continue to be committed to fostering strong partnerships and delivering the best service to our customers. 

With a legacy built on strategic vision and collaborative spirit, we're ready to embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm. 

1993 - North America

Semi Tech acquires Econ-O-Cloth. Both companies were manufacturers and distributors of lens processing supplies

1994 - North America

Semi Tech acquires Development Associates Controls (DAC), a lens processing supply company, and DAC Vision is created 

1998 - Europe

Abaque Finance, a French investment group, acquires Curt, S.A., a French lens manufacturing supply company 

2001 - Europe

Abaque Finance acquires A/S Hartfelt & Co. (Optical Division), a Danish lens manufacturing supply company 

2003 - Europe

Abaque Finance acquires Cryo Techniques, a French lens coating company 

2005 - North America / Europe

Abaque Finance acquires DAC Vision creating two divisions: DAC Vision North America and DAC Vision Europe.  

2010 - North America / Europe

Essilor International acquires DAC Vision

2011 - Satisloh Group

DAC Vision becomes part of Satisloh Group, a group of companies committed to providing best-in-class technology and customized services to address their customers’ most complex challenges in ophthalmic and precision optics markets.  

2017 - North America

The distribution center of Essilor of America is moved to DAC Vision.

2018 - National Optronics

DAC Vision starts doing business as DAC Technologies and becomes the exclusive US distributor of National Optronics products. 

2023 - LEAP™ III

DAC Vision acquired the LEAP™ III brand from 3M Company and becomes the manufacturer and distributor of these pads worldwide.

2024 - DAC Vision

DAC returns to its legal name, DAC Vision, as it continues to proudly deliver a full suite of products from surfacing to finishing, including the National Optronics line of finishing equipment. Empowering optical professionals to deliver the gift of vision is still our core business, so it is only fitting that DAC Vision returned to the name that clearly reflects this.